Amy Schumer Announces The Birth Of Her Second Netflix Comedy Special, ‘Growing’

Amy Schumer’s baby bump isn’t the only thing growing, as the comedian announces the impending arrival of her second Netflix comedy special, titled “Growing”, on Tuesday.

The star had inked a deal with Netflix back in 2016, and reportedly negotiated a subsequent raise, to create specials for the streaming service.

Taking to Instagram this week, the 37-year-old mother-to-be describes her new Netflix creation as “the best special I’ve ever done.”

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“Hi guys, it’s me, Amy,” Schumer says in the Instagram video. “I know it probably seems like I’ve been pregnant for a thousand years, but I’ve been working really hard. It’s not all relaxing and eating donuts,” the expectant actress adds before taking a big bite from a donut.

“What I want to announce is the baby’s gender, which we’re so excited to say… we don’t care what the gender is,” she quips. “Any way the baby identifies is cool with us, as long as it doesn’t identify as a DJ. ‘Cause that’s heartbreaking.”

“Amy Schumer gives a refreshingly honest and hilarious take on marriage, pregnancy and personal growth in her new Netflix comedy special, ‘Amy Schumer Growing’,” reads Netflix’s announcement. “Filmed in front of a packed house in Chicago, the comedian talks about the joys of womanhood, settling into marital bliss, and yes also you guessed it, sex!”

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Look for “Amy Schumer Growing” to launch – likely ahead of the birth of her first baby in the spring – on Tuesday, March 19.

The “I Feel Pretty” star and her husband Chris Fischer announced her pregnancy, spoofing Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, back in late October 2018.

The couple got married in an intimate ceremony in February 2018 and have been together since November 2016.

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