It has been a year of changes for Canadian-born  country star Brett Kissel. He and his wife Cecilia became first time parents in January and he tells ET Canada he’s just realizing how big of a job it is.

“I’m used to not having a lot of sleep,” he says. “But this type of interrupted sleep, and then you don’t get to that deep level of sleep cause I’m always worried if you hear this little noise, what does it mean?”

Despite the exhaustion, Kissel is happy to take on the challenge: “I’m trying to be as attentive of a dad as I can be.”

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But he’s also trying to bring the same attentiveness to his music career. We catch up with Kissel while he’s filming his new music video “Cool with That”, the third single from his hit album “Pick Me Up”. The song is all about the early days of dating the woman he would eventually marry.

“When we first met right out of high school, I’m nervous as can be,” he says. “That’s where the title came from. We could do this, we could do that, we could go to the lake, we could maybe lean in for a kiss, but only if you’re cool with that.”

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And now that he’s a father, there’s one thing Kissel’s not cool with. “A lot of my buddies are saying “just fast forward a couple of years and she’s going to have some boyfriends,'”; he jokes. “I’m not cool with that.”