While they’ve only been married a month, Meghan Trainor and hubby Daryl Sabara prove to the world that they’re the cutest newlyweds.

While promoting her new EP, The Love Train, the couple joined Elite Daily for an adorable round of The Newlywed Game and they completely crushed it.

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First up, the “Spy Kids” star was in the hot seat answering questions about his blushing bride.

Sabara nailed it, knowing that Zac Efron was her childhood crush, she texts her mom the most out of anyone and – of course – Trainor’s signature dance move.

When it was Trainor’s turn to take on the challenge, she did just as well.

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She knew all of Sabara’s favourite foods (steak, spaghetti, “he loves a good plate of pasta” and ice cream), that’s he’s a morning person and the one thing he would bring to a desert island (smart guy), his wife.

The Love Train is available now.