Trevor Noah Talks About ‘Blackface’ Controversy And Jeff Bezos ‘D**k Pics’ On ‘Late Show’

Trevor Noah pulled late-night double duty on Wednesday night when he appeared on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” to sound off on a number of recent controversies.

The “Daily Show” host kicked things off talking about Donald Trump’s “executive time” and how he’s going to start borrowing the term when he needs to do such things as “take a nap.”

“I have to whisper to my assistant, ‘Hey, I need to go poo,’ and she’ll be like, ‘Okay, I’ll tell people you’re busy.’ But now I’ll just be like, ‘It’s executive time!'” he quipped.

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Noah also discussed Gov. Ralph Northam’s blackface photograph and how it’s proof America needs to have more open conversations about race.

“I think in many ways America is always going to come into this problem if you do not have conversations around the history of the country, how America came to be, and conversations about race…

“You have to talk about the ramifications of Jim Crow… slavery… the minstrel shows… if you have those conversations people will understand.”

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Noah said that ‘blackface’ comes from a place of “ignorance” and leads to misguided questions like, “Well, why is it okay in ‘White Chicks’?” —  a film in which black male actors played white women.

“Well, because ‘White Chicks’ was never used to oppress anybody,” he said, “other than movie-goers.”

Later in the interview, Noah touched on Jeff Bezos and his explicit selfies. “I’m shocked that Jeff Bezos was taking d**k pics for himself,” he joked, saying that if he had the kind of money Bezos had, he would hire a professional to take that kind of photo.

“I’d have like an exclusive catalogue of special d**k pics that I’ve sent out. ‘I want these things painted… I’m going to send you marvel structures of my penis.’ That is what I would send you if I had that kind of money.”

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