Hailey Baldwin Reveals One Of The Most Romantic Things Justin Bieber Has Done For Her

Hailey Baldwin Bieber gushes over her husband Justin Bieber’s romantic side in a new Valentine’s Day interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

Baldwin joins models including Winnie Harlow, Taylor Hill and Cara Taylor to talk all things love, with the beauties reminiscing about their first kisses and how far their other halves go to show their affection.

Mrs. Bieber explains that one day her hubby JB had a surprise for her when she got home after a hard day’s work.

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“I got home from work one day and my husband had flowers on the table for me,” explains Hailey. “Just because, and no-one had ever done that for me before. For just no occasion, no specific reason.

She adds, “I think love is a really important thing, I think it comes in all different types of relationships, all different forms.”

Baldwin also reveals the goods on her first kiss: “[The] first kiss that I can remember with a boy that I really, really, really had a big crush on when I was probably 12 or 13… we were sledding at my house.”

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“We did a little jump onto the driveway and we were laying there laughing and there was snow on the ground and we kissed,” she explains of the adorable milestone.

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