James Corden puts his own spin on the popular Netflix show “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” in a hilarious “Late Late Show” spoof.

Corden is joined by Jean-Claude Van Damme in the new skit, which mocks the KonMari method that has been taking the internet by storm.

Corden reveals he and the actor have their own way of cleaning up clutter, telling a loved-up couple that they’ll be using the “James Cord Van Damme” method to sort out their home.

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The showbiz duo then raid the property, with Van Damme destroying anything that does not “spark joy.”

The method is a stark contrast to Kondo’s calming approach, which sees her respect each item before sending it to a new home.

Van Damme trashes sentimental ornaments, the TV, and kitchen utensils before the man in the clip tells him James Corden also fails to “spark joy.”

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See how it ends in the clip above.

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