Meghan Trainor has debuted the music video for her song “Marry Me” which was all filmed at her wedding to “Spy Kids” star Daryl Sabara.

She shared the sweet music video on her visit to the “Today” show for the song she wrote.

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Trainor said that she decided to use clips from her own wedding to make the song memorable and this wedding has it all!

The white-themed bash with mirrored surfaces created an elegant but fun atmosphere.

Trainor looked beautiful as her father walked her down the aisle and don’t say you didn’t go well up as he hugged his soon to be son-in-law.

As the ceremony finished, the party was held at the same venue. It was complete with singing, dancing, hair flipping and surprise dedications.

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Sabara put together an entire dance routine that Trainor was eating up every moment. He shared the full surprise on his Instagram earlier, but the music video just has clips of it.

However, stealing the show is Trainor’s father, Gary. He could not look more proud of his daughter as the two break it down on the dance floor.

After the father/daughter dance, Trainor and Sabara change into matching sweatsuits which is sure to be the next big trend in weddings. Giant ballgown or comfy sweats? You take the pick!

Watch the full music video above.