Nico Tortorella shared a video of himself trying his co-star, Hilary Duff’s breast milk.

The “Younger” co-stars were taking part in a table read today when Duff was pumping milk for her daughter Banks Violet Bair.

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In a video posted on Tortorella’s Instagram stories, he is holding a cup that Duff apparently put some of her milk into.

“I’m for real doing this right now,” he says as he takes a sip.

“Oh my God, it is delicious…can I have some more?”

Duff holds up a freezer bag of her milk in front of the camera while saying, “You’re a sicko, dude”.

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The former star of “Lizzie McGuire” also shared some of the experience on her Instagram joking that “Banks gonna be pissed” that someone else drank her milk.

Another photo showed that she accidentally spilt some of the milk she was pumping.

As any mother who has decided to pump milk can tell you. You will definitely cry over spilt milk!