While some saw Kanye West’s Valentine’s Day gift to wife Kim Kardashian — which involved saxophonist Kenny G serenading her in a room filled with dozens of roses — as ultra-romantic, others found the spectacle to be just a little bit silly.

That was apparently the opinion of Will Smith, who took to Instagram Stories to share his own version of the performance, reports the Daily Mail.

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“Ye – I’m available next year!” quipped Smith to his followers, along with a photo in which he’s playing a sax in a room full of long-stemmed roses in vases.

Will Smith/Instagram
Will Smith/Instagram

Smith’s parody follows video of the performance that Kardashian shared on social media:

Meanwhile, the “Independence Day” star isn’t the only person to poke fun at Kenny G’s performance; in fact, numerous Twitter users shared their curiosity about how the saxophonist managed to to make it out of the rose-filled room: