Jimmy Fallon gave a revealing interview with BuzzFeed, in which the “Tonight Show” host touches on a wide range of topics, running the gamut from his friendship with Justin Timberlake to which celebrity guest has made him laugh the hardest.

However, a question about thank you notes elicited a weird revelation about late-night legend David Letterman.

Asked about the favourite thank-you note he ever received, Fallon name-dropped the former host of “The Late Show”.

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“I got one from David Letterman recently because I sent out avocado toasts for the holidays,” responded Fallon.

“He sent me a thank you note saying, ‘Thanks for the guacamole, kid.’ Which is not what I sent him at all,” he added.

Feel free to ponder which part of that response is weirder: that Jimmy Fallon sent his friends avocado toast for holiday gifts, or that David Letterman tried to dip a corn chip in his.