Don Cherry has never been one to keep his opinions to himself, and during Saturday’s “Hockey Night in Canada” broadcast the legendary Canadian sports commentator unloaded on the Carolina Hurricanes.

Commenting on the team’s penchant for silly stunts on the ice — including a player using his helmet as a bowling ball to knock over his teammates like pins, or taking a swing at a puck when it’s thrown like a baseball — Cherry did not hold back.

“These guys, to me, are jerks,” said Cherry, 85, in the video above (his comments begin at the 4:30 mark). “And I’ll tell you one thing, they better not do this in the playoffs. This is a joke.”

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“‘Young men expressing themselves for joy of winning,'” he declared with disdain. “You don’t do this in professional hockey. What are these guys, jerks or something?”

Added Cherry: “I know what I’m talking about… they’re a bunch of jerks as far as I’m concerned.”

The team took to Twitter to issue a few hilarious responses, even mocking Cherry as Grandpa from “The Simpsons”.

Despite Cherry’s diatribe, the Hurricanes show no sign of abandoning their antics.

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