Justin Hartley has an interesting take on James Bond.

Hartley’s name is rumoured to be on the short list of actors who could next take up the mantle of 007.

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So it should come as no surprise that Ellen DeGeneres asks the “This Is Us” actor about the Bond rumours on Monday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

“Cool!” Hartley responds when DeGeneres asks him about the rumours, as if he has not heard about it already. DeGeneres hands Hartley a martini and a script to read.

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Bond, most recently played by Daniel Craig, is known for being suave and sophisticated. Hartley’s take is little, well, not that. Hartley, 42, proceeds to violently shake the martini while delivering an equally shakey, “My name is Bond, James Bond.”

A number of actors are reportedly being looked at to pick up where Daniel Craig will leave the Bond franchise following the next 007 film. Those actors include Richard Madden, Idris Elba, and Tom Hiddleston.