Sometimes we all just have to let loose and make our way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, homebound.

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On Sunday, John Boyega shared a video on Twitter and Instagram of himself at the “Star Wars: Episode IX” wrap party going all out and singing along to Vanessa Carlton’s classic “A Thousand Miles” when the song comes on.

The actor blamed Terry Crews for the video, referring to Crews’ famous “Lip Sync Battle” appearance in which he performed shirtless along with the song.

Crews evidently was okay with the role he played:

Fans on Twitter couldn’t get enough of Boyega’s love for “A Thousand Miles”.

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This wasn’t the first time Boyega lost himself to the music at a “Star Wars” wrap party.

A fan on Twitter dug up video from the “Force Awakens” party in 2014, where Boyega and co-star Daisy Ridley danced and sang along to Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”.