Oscars Producers Say The Show Will Still Run Longer Than 3 Hours

The Oscars always end up going long, and this year will be no exception.

Despite attempts to shorten this year’s broadcast down to three hours, according to the New York Times that won’t be happening.

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Producer Donna Gigliotti was asked by Academy officials whether the show would fit in under three hours. “The answer was no,” she said.

She explained that the aim is still to get the show as short as possible while keeping it entertaining at the same time.

“We were hired to deliver a shortened show,” Gigliotti said. “How do we do that so you’re not seeing award, award, commercial, award, commercial, award? So boring.”

Among the ideas to help shorten the show were the decisions to cut three of the Best Original Song performances and to hand out four of the awards during commercial breaks but both led to serious backlash and the decisions’ reversal.

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One thing that will keep the running time down, though, is the lack of a host after Kevin Hart stepped down late last year.

“Ultimately we decided to try and use the host situation as an opportunity — a way to get to that three-hour mark,” said Oscars co-producer and director Glenn Weiss.

The producers said that, thanks to having no host, the first award will be handed out as early as six minutes into the show.



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