Jada Pinkett Smith Talks White Privilege On ‘Red Table Talk’, Calls Anne Hathaway An ‘Ally’

In the latest episode of “Red Table Talk”, Jada Pinkett Smith and her panel tackle the issue of white privilege.

With her usual co-hosts — mom Adrienne and daughter Willow — joined by guests Rachel Cargle, Justina Machado and Amie Newman, the actress, 47, called Anne Hathaway an ally in the fight for equality.

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“As women of colour we really have to recognize when white women come in to help, that we make room for it,” she said.

“Because there’s been a couple of times, like with Anne Hathaway… at some point, when are we as black women going to be able to recognize an ally?” she added.

Cargle, however, didn’t agree. “The truth is, until all women are free, no woman is free,” she said, quoting feminist author Audre Lorde. “And that’s what white women don’t understand.”

Smith replied: “That’s my belief; we all need each other. And I believe that white women are very clear about that, which is why they tend to rally for our support.”

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But Cargle still wasn’t having it. “How many of the women at the Women’s March showed up at Black Lives Matter marches? I’d call it a parade… the Women’s March was a parade of white women who wanted to feel like they were included in something. Not much changed in how they were showing up for people of colour,” she said.

“It’s not a matter of black women saying ‘hey we’re open to you being an ally!’ that’s not the case,” Cargle continued. “It’s white women showing up and saying, ‘You have a righteous anger. You are allowed to be livid at the things we have imposed on you over history.'”

Last year, Hathaway sparked debate when she reacted angrily in a post on Instagram to the murder of black teenager Nia Wilson. She later disabled the comment section.

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