John Oliver Thinks It’s ‘Dangerous’ To Pay So Much Attention To The 2020 US Elections

John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” is back on the air but he probably won’t be covering the upcoming American elections as much as people would expect.

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Appearing on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, the comedian talked about the presidential elections in 2020, which has been heating up as new contenders announce their intention to run.

“It’s a little early,” Oliver said. “The bar’s pretty low now. Whenever anyone announces for president now you just go, ‘Sure, fine — yeah, added to the list, you’re fine. Kamala Harris? Great. Bernie Sanders? Great. A tortoise walking across an abandoned Wendy’s parking lot? Has he got an exploratory committee? You would work as well.'”

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He added, “It’s dangerous, I think, giving it too much attention right now when there’s plenty of other s**t we should be looking at.”



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