Tom Cruise Accused Of ‘Angering’ Crew During Filming Of ‘Top Gun’ Sequel, Navy Officials Respond

Navy officials have denied claims Tom Cruise “angered” crew while filming the upcoming “Top Gun: Maverick” movie on board the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

One official told NBC 7, “Tom Cruise and the cast were nothing but gracious and professional during filming to all of the sailors.

“Some sailors may have misinterpreted guidance from the navy that told sailors to not approach actors while filming and not use cell phones on the set.”

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The news site had previously claimed a service member insisted Cruise had allegedly told crew on the Roosevelt “not to look at or touch him.”

They said at the time, “He angered USS Theodore crew while filming,” adding that the actor was “very arrogant.”

However, navy escorts who were on the shoot with Cruise have since shared: “At no time did Tom Cruise say to a sailor, ‘Do not look at me. Do not touch me.'”

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A navy master is said to have told NBC 7 that service members were asked to “respect” Cruise and co. and that the navy “does not tolerate any disrespect to its members.”

Cruise’s upcoming “Top Gun” flick is set to be released on June 26, 2020. It was originally expected to hit theatres July 12.

ET Canada has reached out to Cruise’s rep for comment.

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