Trevor Noah is trying to get his head around all the twists and turns in the Jussie Smollett controversy.

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On Monday’s “The Daily Show”, the host unpacked the story for his viewers, with it being reported that Smollett may have hired two Nigerian brothers to stage the alleged hate-crime attack on him earlier this month.

“That’s right, the police now believe Smollett staged his own attack, which would be insane, but you have to admit, there’s a certain part of the story that was always a little weird,” Noah said. “Like, who are the MAGA supporters who hate gay people, who hate black people, but also happen to watch ‘Empire’? Like, I’ve heard of hate-watching but that sh** would be next-level. That’s like a member of the Klan buying tickets to Fiddler on the Roof.”

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Later, Noah played a clip from Smollett’s emotional interview on “Good Morning America”, in which he broke down in tears talking about whether his alleged assailants would ever be caught.

“Either this guy is telling the truth or he deserves an Emmy for that interview,” Noah joked. “Because if all of that is just a performance, I don’t care what he’s lying about, you can’t cancel him, he’s too good to not be on TV.”