As Hollywood has been bitten by the reboot bug, one beloved TV sitcom that continues to be at the centre of reboot rumours is “Frasier”.

Speaking with the Independent while promoting his starring role as Don Quixote in the London revival of famed musical “Man of La Mancha”, former “Frasier” star Kelsey Grammer is optimistic that the Seattle psychologist will return.

“’Frasier’ might have a new life,” he declared. “We’ll see.”

While nothing is set in stone, the 63-year-old actor says the wheels have been turning — albeit slowly.

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“We have been talking with several teams of writers, a couple of guys from the old show, a couple of new writers, and the take I’m looking for is just that he has a third act rather than trying to pick up where the second act left off,” he explains.

One key factor that will need to be addressed in a reboot is the 2018 passing of co-star John Mahoney, who played Frasier Crane’s irascible father.

“We have to button up a few things, tie up a few loose ends, having to do with the fact John is gone, who played my father Martin,” he adds, “but there are a couple of really interesting areas and it’s a little premature to discuss them yet, but when somebody signs a cheque we might be talking a little more specifically.”

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Assembling the original cast shouldn’t be that difficult, given that Grammer remains friendly with co-star David Hyde Pierce, who played his onscreen brother, Niles.

“I saw him a few months ago, there was a ‘Frasier’ retrospective at USC in L.A. and so he flew out for it,” he says, revealing the co-stars’ relationship is surprisingly sibling-like.

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“We always greet each other as though it’s been just a day since we last saw one another and he is my actual brother, in terms of life experience,” adds Grammer. “I never had a brother, I have David. So we regard each other in that way.”

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