Michael Jackson’s Personal Maid Says He Would ‘Pet And Kiss’ Young Boys

A maid who worked for Michael Jackson is opening up about the late singer’s alleged abuse of young boys.

In an interview on the Australian version of “60 Minutes”, Adrian McManus reveals she saw disturbing things when she was Jackson’s personal maid in the ’90s.

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“The first time I cleaned his bedroom, I didn’t even know where to start,” she says.

McManus also says she witnessed Jackson “pet and kiss” young boys who spent time at his Neverland Ranch home.

“There was a kind side to him, and yet there was a dark side,” she says.

60 Minutes
60 Minutes

As for why it’s taken her so many years to come forward, McManus says, “I was scared to say anything bad about Mr Jackson.”

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She adds, “They told me if I ever came up on TV that they could hire a hitman to take me out, slice my neck, wouldn’t never find my body.”

The full interview with McManus will air on Sunday.

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