Dakota Johnson gets candid about her period in a new interview with InStyle.

The 29-year-old admits she really struggles with some of the changes her body goes through, to the point she says they are ruining her life.

“If I’m honest, my hormonal changes during my menstrual cycle are ruining my life. Every month. It’s unbelievable. It’s really f–king amazing. I can’t get a grip on it.

“I’m like, what? Every time, I’m totally scandalized about what happens to my body and my brain. My boobs are like eight times the size they normally are. It’s really a traumatic thing and it happens every month. I just can’t get used to it.”

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The “Fifty Shades” star says how women have to deal with all of this while struggling to pick out things like which contraception they should be on.

Johnson, who has partnered with Global Citizen, continues, “It’s really, really insane. It’s also very tricky to figure out what type of birth control you’re meant to be on, and if it’s even healthy.

“This is something that, again, I’m advocating with Global Citizen: reproductive education. What it means to have a woman body, and how do you honour it the right way? How do you not jam chemicals into your brain in order to feel good? It’s a remarkable thing.”

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She adds, “I really would like to understand and be able to manage things a little better, know what’s happening in my body, and know what I’m putting into it.”