Judah & the Lion have unveiled their brand new track “Pictures” featuring Kacey Musgraves.

The band took to Twitter to talk about the emotional song, confirming it was about difficult times with lead vocalist Judah Akers’ family.

The lyrics include, “You were mine, always/ And now you’re gone, look what we’ve become/ Just another sad song, of a love gone wrong/ I hate that I’m taking our pictures off the walls.”

Akers added in a statement, “I had a really deep moment with my mom when she called me and broke down bawling about how hard it was to move from our family house.”

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He continued, according to Billboard: “I wrote the song from her perspective and it came in a flood, in five minutes, right after the call. I needed to write it because I was heartsick.”

The musician also shared on the band’s Twitter profile: “This record goes into my ‘rage’ in the midst of family struggles. Many of these songs are about MY story within that — but this song is from my parent’s perspective. We’re all humans.”

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Judah & the Lion’s upcoming album Pep Talks is set to be released on May 3.