Fans are growing increasingly excited over the upcoming “Ghostbusters” sequel, which will reportedly reassemble the original cast under the direction of Jason Reitman, son of the original’s director, Ivan Reitman.

However, some comments the younger Reitman made are causing a backlash after he teased his sequel while seemingly dismissing Paul Feig’s female-led 2016 “Ghostbusters” reboot.

Chatting with Bill Burr on the comedian’s “Monday Morning” podcast, Reitman hyped “Ghostbusters 3”, which is set for a 2020 release and will reportedly star O.G. cast members Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd (Harold Ramis passed away in 2014).

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“This is going to be a love letter to ‘Ghostbusters’,” Reitman told Burr.

“I love this franchise. I grew up watching it. I consider myself the first ‘Ghostbusters’ fan. I was like seven years old when that movie came out and I love it. I want to make a movie for my fellow ‘Ghostbusters’ fans,” he said, adding that his film would “hand the movie back to the fans.”

His comments rubbed fans of Feig’s film the wrong way, implying that real fans didn’t appreciate the reboot, which teamed up Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.

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In fact, ticked-off fans of Feig’s “Ghostbusters” — which received backlash of its own before it even came out due to misogynistic complaints about the all-female cast — took to social media to share their disappointment in Reitman’s words.

After the backlash hit, Reitman went into full-on mea culpa mode, admitting his choice of words may not have been the best.

“[Wow], that came out wrong!” he tweeted. “I have nothing but admiration for Paul and Leslie and Kate and Melissa and Kristen and the bravery with which they made Ghostbusters 2016. They expanded the universe and made an amazing movie!”

The director of 2016’s “Ghostbusters”, Paul Feig, also weighed in to defend Reitman from the outrage, explaining that “he was a supporter of mine when I couldn’t get movies made.”

Meanwhile, look for more ghosts to be busted in summer 2020.