Blake Shelton just scored a big victory in his defamation lawsuit against In Touch.

In the celebrity gossip magazine’s September 28, 2015 issue, an upset-looking Shelton appears on the cover with the caption reading: “Rehab For Blake: He Finally Hits Rock Bottom.”; The cover also reads: “Drinking vodka before noon and slurring his words – it’s worse than anyone knows.”;

In response to the cover, Shelton has sued the magazine over the cover, which insinuates he checked into rehab after his split from Miranda Lambert. Taking the case to LA County Superior Court, a judge has now rejected the magazine’s bid to have the case thrown out.

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The judge was clear that the magazine was telling its readers that Shelton had an alcohol problem and went to rehab, TMZ reports. The judge also fought the editor’s assertion that the magazine never wrote that Shelton was in rehab, and had only implied that the country singer should go.

While In Touch pointed out various tweets that Blake had written in which he talked about being drunk, the judge did not move further with their claim.

Shelton’s defamation case will now proceed to trial.