Transgender ‘Pose’ Star Indya Moore Sparks Penis Debate On Twitter

Trans actress Indya Moore, star of Ryan Murphy’s critically acclaimed FX series “Pose”, introduced a provocative issue on Twitter, writing, “If trans women are Biological women, by definition, a trans woman’s penis is ‘a biologically female penis.'”

This, she explains, is “a radical point missing in mainstream discussions on trans bodies, as trans women are often made to feel ashamed of their genitals if they don’t have a vagina.”

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Trans women, she added, “are biological women,” and shared some heavy biology to prove her point: that a trans woman’s penis is a female penis.

As the discussion progressed, Moore continued to discuss the topic with other Twitter users, arguing that that “trans women are biological women,” but “in different ways that cis women.”

As she continued, responding to tweets both approving and insulting, she wrapped up by revealing she’ll be “releasing a statement later about my experience post ‘Trans women are biological women.'”

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