Jameela Jamil Reveals She Has Rare Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

As one to always share her triumphs and tribulations, Jameela Jamil didn’t shy from revealing she has a rare disorder when a fan asked.

The “Good Place” actress admitted she has she has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS), a disease that causes the skin to bruise and stretch easily and her joints extra flexible, but Jamil says she is “fine.”

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She shared a video of herself stretching out her cheek when a fan asked if she had EDS. Jamil responded “Indeed.”

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I’m fine.

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Many of her fans then commented in return saying they know someone or have EDS themselves, thanking the actress for being open about it.

One person wrote, ” i feel sorry for my condition, but we can do cool stuff too. There are two sides to everything ;)”

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Another person on Instagram hopes that Jamil will start raising awareness for EDS just like she has for body positivity. “As a fellow EDS zebra it would be great if you could help raise awareness of the condition,” they said.

More comments read, ” no way! I have hEDS. yes for spreading awareness to fellow zebras 🦓 ” and “Ahhh 🤭my fav actress has same thing as me!”.

It isn’t the first time she shared the side effects of her syndrome. In October someone of Twitter pointed out a photo of her arm bent in a strange position to which Jamil explained was her arm “being extremely sexy.”

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