As many celebrities have done before him, Boots Riley used his time at the Independent Spirit Awards to spread awareness to a crisis happening in our world.

Riley took to the stage to accept the award for Best First Feature for “Sorry To Bother You” he used the end of his speech to highlight the problems in Venezuela.

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He started to say how “we all should use our voice to stop the US in having regime change in for oil in Venezuela” when his speech was cut off.

Venezuela’s President, Nicolas Maduro is under pressure to raise restrictions into the country, saying he will only accept them from alias like Russia and not the United States.

The borders between Venezuela and Colombia are closed, singling that further escalation may be imminent.

Self-declared interim President Juan Guaido is pleading for them to let the millions of dollars of aid in.

Deadly clashes have taken place as Maduro tweeted out (in Spanish), “Our people have come to the streets of Caracas and all our country with the firm determination to defend the peace of Venezuela and to tell Donald Trump and the American empire: Yankee Go Home!”

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Riley was able to finish his speech backstage, “Right now, under the guise of humanitarian aid, they’re doing the same thing the US did in Guatemala in the ’80s, which was sneak guns to right-wing forces in Central America through what they call ‘humanitarian aid.’ Now, when the Russians were trying to get ‘humanitarian aid’ into Ukraine a few years ago, the MSM out here correctly said, ‘Oh, we know they’re sneaking guns in that way.’ All of a sudden, nobody’s saying the same thing in the mainstream media. The people of Venezuela are the ones that should be deciding who rules them. The US has been working with opposition forces there for years.”

His length speech continued, where he ended it saying, “We can have power react to us by stopping that, through organising on the job and having movements that use withholding of labour as a tactic and a strategy for social change. Those are the things I’ve learned, and those are in the movie.”

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