Tyga had to be forcibly removed from boxer Floyd Mayweather’s 42nd birthday party in Beverly Hills on Saturday after the 29-year-old rapper reportedly got into an altercation with another partygoer.

As Metro reports, Tyga was among the guests at the retired heavyweight boxing champ’s star-studded celebration at Beverly Hills music venue Jadelle’s, alongside such guests as French Montana and Tiffany Haddish, when the rapper was reportedly approached another partygoer.

The Daily Mail adds that Tyga was “left shocked as he was approached aggressively” by the unidentified man, who was reported to have angrily grabbed at the rapper’s clothing.

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As the altercation escalated, a security guard quickly grabbed Tyga (whose real name is Micheal Ray Stevenson) and escorted him out of the venue.

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Video of Tyga being hauled out of the party was posted online.

Meanwhile, social media shows Tyga in a far more calm frame of mind earlier in the evening, when he posed for a photo with model Casey Purshouse.


TMZ is reporting that the situation became even more tense once Tyga was taken outside, with photos and video indicating Tyga attempted to reach for his security guard’s holstered gun.

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“The security guard knew trouble was brewing and made sure it never left his holster, so Tyga never actually took possession of the firearm,” adds TMZ. “It took a while for things to calm down, but eventually, Tyga and his crew left the club.”

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