The 91st Annual Oscars took a moment to share some love and respect for all of the beloved showbusiness stars who died over the last year, leaving behind incomparable legacies.

The president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented the segment, and introduced the musical accompaniment of the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra, conducted by maestro Gustavo Dudamel, in a rendition of a composition by the legendary John Williams.

Among those honored in the heartfelt segment were Oscar nominee and screen icon Burt Reynolds, who died on Sept. 6 at the age of 82, Marvel comics mastermind Stan Lee, who died on Nov. 12 at the age of 95, as well as five-time Oscar-nominated film legend Albert Finney, who died earlier this month, on Feb. 7, at age 82.

The emotional tribute also remembered two-time Oscar-winning screenwriter William Goldman — best known for penning “The Princess Bride”, “All the President’s Men”, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” — as well as screenwriter and beloved playwright Neil Simon.

Two-time Oscar-winning directors Milos Forman and Bernardo Bertolucci, “Superman” actress Margot Kidder, “Big” director Penny Marshall and “Full Metal Jacket” actor R. Lee Ermey were also honoured in the powerful memorial.

“Singin’ in the Rain” co-director Stanley Donen, who took home an honorary Oscar in 1998 in recognition of his contribution to film, was notably not included in the montage. The celebrated filmmaker died on Thursday from heart failure in New York City at age 94 — likely after the tribute had been created.

And as many viewers noticed, actress and Academy Award nominee Carol Channing did not make the broadcast.

In 1968, Channing was nominated for Best Supporting Actress for her role in “Thoroughly Modern Millie”.

One Twitter user wrote their disappointment to the platform: “Um, I’m sorry, did CAROL CHANNING NOT make it into the f**king #Oscars IN MEMORIAM?”

Fans pointed out on Twitter that Verne Troyer, who played Mini-Me in the “Austin Powers” franchise, was left out of the tribute.

Among those also snubbed from the montage were “Frasier” star John Mahoney, “Creature from the Black Lagoon” actress Julie Adams, and “Full Metal Jacket” star R. Lee Ermey.

For more on this year’s emotional, surprising and exciting Oscars ceremony, check out the video below.

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