Drake And Soulja Boy End An Old Beef Over DMs

Drake took to Instagram to quash one of his ongoing rap beefs.

The whole thing came to light last month when Soulja Boy told XXL in an interview that he took it as an insult when Drake didn’t include him in the music video for their 2013 song “We Made It” after bringing him on tour.

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“Why we ain’t shoot the video?” Soulja Boy said in an interview with XXL. “Why this n***a ain’t bring me on tour to perform it one time, but he was performing my record on tour the whole time? Just little slick shit like that.”

Not happy about being on bad terms with Soulja, Drake DMed the rapper on Instagram to settle things, and Soulja shared the conversation on Twitter.

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“You know it’s always been love all jokes aside…I dunno know if you was serious about the video thing but I never knew you wanted to do a video for we made it you know I would have done that sh**,” Drake said to Soulja. “But on some real sh** Draaaaaaaaaaaaaake?!?!”

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