Michael Jackson’s family are speaking out against the allegations made about the late singer in the HBO documentary “Leaving Neverland”.

Tito, Marlon, Jackie, and Taj Jackson sat down with Gayle King on “CBS This Morning” on Wednesday for their first television interview since the film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival.

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The family blasted the accusations made by Wade Robson and James Safechuck, the two men featured in the documentary who claim Michael sexually abused them as young boys at the Neverland ranch.

“If Neverland was so horrifying for [Robson], why did he keep going back?” Marlon asks. “The facts are public record. I mean what he testified under oath are all the different things that he said.”

During Michael’s trial, Robson swore under oath that the pop star had never harmed him, though he now says he lied on the stand because he wanted to protect Michael.

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The family told King that they don’t believe the accusers and that they’re only making these claims for money. “It’s always been about money,” said Michael’s nephew Taj. “I hate to say it when it’s my uncle, but it’s almost like they see a blank cheque.

“These people felt that they’re owed something. You know, instead of working for something, they blame everything on my uncle.”

“This documentary is not telling the truth. There has not been not one piece of evidence that corroborates their story,” Marlon added. “And they’re not interested in doing that.”

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King pointed out that none of the Jacksons who took part in the interview have watched the documentary. “Shouldn’t you see the documentary?” King asked.

“No. I know my brother. I’m the oldest brother,” said Jackie. “I know Michael. I know what he stood for. What he was all about. Bringing the world together. Making kids happy. He’s not like that.”

An interview with Robson and Safechuck will air on “CBS This Morning” Thursday.