Marina Diamandis Slams Fashion Designer For Photoshopping Her Legs And Thighs To ‘Look Like Literal Sticks’

Marina Diamandis called out a fashion designer on social media for reportedly photoshopping a picture of her.

The singer said the person in question, whom she did not name, had altered her legs and thighs “to look like literal sticks.”

The Marina and the Diamonds hitmaker insisted, “This is internalized misogyny in full action,” before she added: “For f**k’s sake. Do BETTER. Be less dumb.”

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Despite the messages, Marina said she “didn’t feel hurt” by the whole thing, but probably would have 10 years ago.

The star continued: “If you want me to wear your clothing, don’t photoshop my wonderful hourglass body shape as if it is unacceptable.”

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Social media users praised the star for speaking up, with many asking why the designer would feel the need to photoshop Marina in the first place.

Another called the whole thing “scary.”

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