He may just be bitter, but “The Imitation Game”; actor Matthew Goode reveals that he doesn’t think the “Bond”; movies are doing so well.

While paying a visit to the British talk show “This Morning,”; the 38-year-old spoke of the time he wasn’t called back to audition for the 007 role.

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“I think they should half the budget. Reboot it. I don’t think modern Bond is working as well [as old Bond],”; he says.

That’s when one of the hosts, Phillip, replies: “Well, you’ve blown your chances now.”;

Changing the subject to who he thinks should be the next ultra spy, Goode suggests a couple Hollywood hunks.

“I think either [Tom] Hardy or Hiddleston – he was so great in “The Night Manager.”; Or Idris [Elba] so let’s have some diversity if we’re going to talk about it. He would be killer as a modern Bond,’ he explains.

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Watch the full clip below.