Dan Reed’s “Leaving Neverland” documentary continues to cause ripples throughout the entertainment industry.

“CBS This Morning” has picked apart the controversial film from all angles. Yesterday, the program spoke with Reed and Michael Jackson’s siblings. The two parties firmly stood opposite each other.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck, the subjects of “Leaving Neverland”, elaborated on their sexual abuse allegations against Jackson. The two men were invited onto “CBS This Morning” to expand on their alleged experiences with the iconic singer.

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“It was, again, the feeling was, ‘Out of all the kids in the world, here I am and Michael chose me,’ and he also told me that, you know, ‘I’ve never done this with anybody else.’ Yeah,” Robson said. “So, that was more, too. Wow. He chooses me and he loves me.”

Safechuck chimed in, “Yeah, I mean, it’s all the same. You know, he did the same thing to me, as well.”

Safechuck explained why he was not alarmed as a child. “It’s in the context of a loving, close relationship so there are no alarm bells going off in your head or any thoughts like that,” Safechuck expressed. “Really, it’s just, ‘I love this person and we’re trying to make each other happy.’ And he said I was his first.”

“But even as a kid, you don’t even know what that means,” he continued. “You don’t — you don’t even question it further than that.”

Robson added, “I find it hard to believe that he had boys around for any other reason than to sexually abuse them,” accusing Jackson of sexually assaulting multiple children.

When asked if they would have been involved in “Leaving Neverland” had Jackson still been alive, the two men gave very different answers.

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“I mean, it’s hard to speculate as to what would be the situation if Michael was still alive,” Robson said. “If I guess, if I could speculate — if Michael was still alive and all of the other rest of the details of my life were the same, meaning I became a father, right? And I went through the same process that I did of this realization and going through the healing process, my belief is that we’d still be doing this.”

“I don’t – yeah, I don’t know. Would I have taken this to my grave? I certainly planned on doing that,” Safechuck admitted. “I had no expectations of ever telling anyone. So, you know if he — if he was still alive, yeah, I don’t know. Maybe I would have taken it to my grave.”

Reed’s “Leaving Neverland” premiered at Sundance Film Festival and has received mixed reaction. Some praised the storytelling, while others criticized it for being one-sided.

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