Good-bye “Baby Shark” and hello to “A Little Bit Alexis,” the latest song to get stuck in your head and never leave.

The hilarious and catchy song from “Schitt’s Creek” is sung by none other than Alexis Rose (played by Annie Murphy) on “what she’s like.”

The song that appears in season five in the “The Hospies” episode is well on the way to number one on the iTunes chart in the United States. This is despite the fact that season five of the hit show hasn’t even aired in the US yet, for once, Canada gets the show first.

In a clip from CBC, Murphy talks about writing the song where “sometimes she is on a horse.”

Dustin Milligan, who plays Ted Mullens, added that he “immediately added it to my makeout list.”

The cast further discussed the video with Murphy commenting “I’m hoping to tour Japan.”

She hopes a music video for the song will be in the works including tigers, bears, and of course, horses.

Dany Levy, who writes, produces and stars as David Rose commented, “We aren’t going to do season six and just to the video for that.”

Levy then shared on his Twitter that “A Little Bit Alexis” was number 17 on the iTunes US chart.

He later shared an update that the song jumped to number 13.

Murphy commented that she was crying “like Gaga but a bit less” over the success of the song.