Liam Payne Blasts Fans For ‘Passing Blame To Me’ About One Direction Reunion Rumours

Liam Payne doesn’t know when/if One Direction will ever reunite, so stop asking!

That’s the message that came through loud and clear when the exasperated singer responded to a fan’s tweet calling him out for providing contradictory info about a potential 1D reunion.

The fan’s tweet references one interview given by Payne, 25, in which he said the wildly popular boy band would get back together in 2020 — and then another in which he opines that 2020 would be too soon for a reunion.

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Payne fired back. “Can people stop passing blame to me about this,” he wrote in a scathing tweet.

“I get asked this ridiculous question 500x a day (exaggeration)… so I just say whatever guess I have at the time…” he continued, adding, “but still this band has 3 other members you want the answer ask them.”

Last year, Payne offered up an “Avengers”-themed idea for how the band could successfully mount a reunion while still spotlighting the members’ respective solo careers.

“For me the only way One Direction could better themselves from going to playing stadiums — where else do you play? — is to manage to be like ‘The Avengers’, like we’re successful on our own,” he said during a radio interview with Capital FM.

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“If Iron Man wants to go and deal with someone, he just deals with them. He doesn’t call up Hulk and be like, ‘Oh, whatever,’ unless he really needs him. So my thing is, why aren’t we like that?” he added. “We should go and boss it on our own and then when we do the show it can be like, ‘Yeah, yeah, just sit down there, boys, I’ll sing a bit of ‘Slow Hands”, you know what I mean? Imagine that? Like five concerts in one would be the most amazing thing. It’s the only way it can get better.” Watch:

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