Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters will stop at nothing to get “Shallow” to the top of the Billboard Hot 100.

The singer took an Oscar home last week for the hit song from “A Star Is Born” which has helped raise the popularity of the song once again bringing it up to number 18 right after the awards.

“Shallow” has since dropped to 21, but fans were hoping for it to take out Ariana Grande’s “7 Rings” which held the top spot for five weeks.

The scam suggests that Starbucks will give “Shallowbucks,” a free beverage voucher, to anyone who sends them a screenshot of them listening to the song.

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From the fake ad, some Gaga fan accounts created images of a pretend conversation with Starbucks sending them the voucher.

Starbucks has been left scrambling to shut down the rumours of the promotion, where their social media people are sure to be pulling their hair out by now.

Buzzfeed got to the bottom of who was behind this ordeal. Nico, 18, from Las Vegas who is trying to start a career in graphic design.

In direct messages between Buzzfeed and Nico, he admits “Yes omg I started it, but if Starbucks asks I know NOTHING!”

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He added, “Well since rumours of ‘Shallow’ possibly going number one on Billboard started I knew I had to do something to help her out with sales and streams, but I didn’t know just what to do at first. Then one day when I was going home from school I passed by a Starbucks and got the idea last minute lol.”

He sent Buzzfeed proof that he created “Shallowbucks”.

Within the first hour of Nico posting the ad, he said there was between “2000 to 3000 with the hashtag #SHALLOWBUCKS. That’s when I realised a ton of people actually fell for it.”

Soon enough, Nico wasn’t shy about Starbucks finding him out as he shared he was the one who started it.

Including poking fun at the mayhem he initiated.

He told ET Canada that despite people tagging him in posts to Starbucks, they haven’t been in contact.

“I’m kind of glad lol I hope it stays that way,” he added. “Honestly, I did think it would somewhat go viral but I didn’t think it would be taken seriously by so many people.”

Although from these tweets, he seems to know the legal consequences could be a possibility.

He did admit that he feels bad about deceiving people, “but at the same time if Gaga does get number 1 it’ll all be worth it lol.”

“Shallowbucks” paid off and “Shallow” hit number one on the Billboard Top 100 charts on Monday.

It is Lady Gaga’s fourth top song since “Born This Way” in 2011 and Cooper’s first ever.

Fans may not have got free drinks, but they did get what they really wanted- the ultimate takeover.

Nico’s graphic design ploy has been certainly creative, unfortunately, he hasn’t got “any job offers.” Yet.