Dwayne Johnson Is Buying His Dad A New Home: ‘Love You Too, Pop’

Dwayne Johnson is giving back to the man who gave him so much.

“The Rock” recently told his fans about a conversation he had with his father, Rocky. Johnson, 46, called his dad and told him to start hunting for a new house — the “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” star is footing the bill.

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That is when Johnson had a real heart-to-heart with his father. “I just got off the phone with my dad and, man, it was a great call,” Johnson said in the video. “I just had to share this with you guys really quickly, so about two, three weeks ago I called my dad and I said, ‘Look, you’re probably happy where you’re at but I want to do something for you, I want to buy you a brand new home, wherever you want to live, you can live.'”

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Great chat with my old man. Felt good to my cold 🖤 to hear him express his love. He’s a weathered soul and like all weathered souls, there’s often a harsh storied path that got them there. Well for my pops that path started at 13yrs old when his mom kicked him out of his house on Christmas day and forced him to live on the streets (very true and fucked up story) so his reality of compassion and love was forged thru pain and toughness. He raised me with that tough physical love and used to beat my ass in the gyms and on wrestling mats. I hated it then as a little boy, but grateful for it today as a man. It’s shaped my DNA and helped inform how I raise my own babies (minus the ass kickings;) but always instilling the value of hard work and discipline. For that I’m grateful and this one felt good. Crazy how full circle life can come. Enjoy your new house pop – what a storied path and thanks for the ass kickings 😉💪🏾🏠 #weathered

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“He couldn’t believe it, he was speechless. So he just called me now. It’s a big weekend, he’s gonna go look at properties,” he continued. “He’s a Florida boy, so he’s going to go up to North Florida and look and he goes, ‘I’m so excited. I’m also so nervous.’ My dad’s an old-school tough guy. I said, ‘What the hell are you nervous about?’”

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“And he said, ‘Well,’ he was searching for words, ‘No one ever called to tell me they were gonna buy me a house before and the fact that it’s you, it’s my son. I’m so proud of you and I love you so much,’” Johnson reflected. “I never heard my dad talk like that. It felt good to me and it felt good to my heart. You know, my dad used to beat my ass, tough love, and I hated it back then but I’m so grateful for it now. It just felt good to kind of give back to the ones who raised you, so love you too, Pop.”

The movie star’s dad, Rocky Johnson, was born in Nova Scotia. Rocky and his wrestling partner Tony Atlas were the first black duo to win the WWF World Tag Team championships.

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