Every good romance story involves fast food, doesn’t it?

Well, it does in this case because that is what brought Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom together.

During Sunday’s premiere of “American Idol”, contestant Johanna Jones, 23, told the judges she worked at In-N-Out Burger in Las Vegas.

Speaking up, Perry asks, “Can I tell you one thing that is kind of sweet?”

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“I met my boyfriend over In-N-Out. We were at the Golden Globes and we weren’t together. So I had my security guard grab 10 In-N-Outs and all of a sudden I see my boyfriend’s hand – he wasn’t even sitting at our table – he just swoops in, and he grabs it, and I was like, ‘Hey that’s my burger!’”

Fellow judge Luke Bryan piped up, adding, “And you were like, ‘Oh, you’re on the other end of that hand.'”

“In-N-Out creates true love,” Jones replies and Perry couldn’t help but agree. “It really does!”

Since filming the episode, Perry’s “boyfriend” is now her fiance.

Bloom proposed to the “Teenage Dream” on Valentine’s Day.

Perry showed off her flower-shaped ring surrounded by red heart balloons on Instagram, captioning it “full bloom.”

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A source tells People that the couple had been talking about “getting engaged for a while.”

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“After reconciling Katy has felt very secure with Orlando and they both knew it was different this time. They made their relationship a priority, and both of them literally flew all around the world to keep their relationship strong,” the source says.