Jana Kramer has had enough of social media users criticizing her parenting.

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The 35-year-old singer and actress is firing back after receiving several critical comments from a video she shared of her 3-year-old daughter Jolie having a temper tantrum.

In one of the comments, a social media user hinted Jolie’s “fits” may be coming from the fact that Jana is busy with her 3-month-old son Jace: “Jealousy. Withdrawal. Sadness. Missing her mommy. The whole week she was sick she got stuck with daddy so mommy could take care of Jace.”

The user went on to suggest Kramer “spend some special time with Jolie with no friends involved.”

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Kramer fired back, posting the comment to her Instagram story to share her frustration: “It just drives me crazy that people feel the need to comment on my pictures.”

“It makes me upset because I’m like, I want to be able to post a temper tantrum of Jolie to keep it real, and for other moms out there, you’re not alone,” Kramer said in an Instagram video.

“Like, just stop. You don’t know, you don’t live in this house, you don’t know what’s going on. Please don’t tell me why my child’s acting that way. Thanks,” she continued.

After settling her two children and shutting down social media trolls, the “One Tree Hill” alum posted a photo of a glass of wine beside her son’s baby monitor: “There isn’t enough wine sometimes,” she wrote on her Instagram story.

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This isn’t the first time Kramer has been vocal about her Internet trolls. The singer received negative comments after sharing a postpartum photo of her bare stomach just weeks after giving birth to her second child in November.

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A few things because honestly I’m so frustrated and I need to vent this. I wanted to post this photo (showing my stomach) because I wanted to show my journey back to healthy and my goodness I’m so glad I didn’t which is why this photo is now cropped. It’s amazing the comments and how rude some people can be from my last photo I took yesterday. A few things, no I didn’t get a tummy tuck, no I don’t have a personal chef, no I don’t have fortunes so I didn’t train everyday. Yes I had a c section, yes I am still in pain and on meds but I do have a high pain tolerance. I have had 3 stomach surgeries before this (appendix, gallbladder, and c section).. In that photo I had a belly bandit wrapped tightly, and high waisted pants and wow here I am defending myself. Why?!? If I would have posted the photo of my actual stomach in this photo I would have probably been shamed too even when I was wanting to be vulnerable with my journey. Why do we women have to compare ourselves to each other and then shame?. I say this to myself as much as I say this to y’all…why can’t it be that we are all different. Our bodies are all beautiful and crafted differently, they heal different, they react different, they simply look different. Why do we need to shame someone for not looking a certain way? Or feel bad about ourselves for looking a certain way? Can we be kinder to ourselves and know that every women has a different journey but yet we are all beautiful? Can we lift women up but not tear yourself down in the process with comparing? Let’s give that a try…..I love y’all. Back to my baby.

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Kramer responded to her her bodyshamers by writing, “Can we be kinder to ourselves and know that every women has a different journey but yet we are all beautiful? Can we lift women up but not tear yourself down in the process of comparing? Let’s give that a try… I love y’all. Back to my baby.”

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