Ariana Grande has a new Starbucks drink — now, cue all the “Grande” jokes you can think of.

On Tuesday, Grande shared a quick clip of herself sipping on the “Cloud Macchiato” while wearing a Starbucks apron.

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The “7 Rings” singer had teased the drink on Twitter on Monday.

But it didn’t take long for a Starbucks employee to leak the new drink.

The “Cloud Macchiato” has been released today (March 5) and will be espresso, whipped cold foam, and caramel drizzle.

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The drink is being released for International Women’s Day and Starbucks will be playing a curated list by Grande of her songs.

Starbucks spent the day promoting the drink with many, many pictures of clouds.


You can also find out what your name “Cloud Name” is. Grande’s is “Fluffy A StormBubble.”