Danny DeVito Talks About His Tumble On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Danny DeVito took a tumble on stage while promoting “Dumbo” in Mexico City but he appears to be okay.

DeVito tripped and went down hard as he took to the stage in front of the press, putting his hands out to break his fall and lying on his side before aides rushed to his side to help him up.

Despite the nasty-looking fall, the 74-year-old actor got back on his feet with a smile and continued with the press conference as planned.


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DeVito talked about the fall when he appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Monday night. “You saw me tumble?” he asked Kimmel. “So did 110 press people… all with cameras.”

“I was just trying to act like Dumbo,” he joked. “Except my ears are not big enough. I just flew… I surfed.”

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In Tim Burton’s live-action film for Disney, DeVito stars as circus ringmaster Max Medici, owner and operator of the Medici Family Circus, home to Dumbo, the famous flying elephant. Co-starring Colin Farrell, Eva Green and Michael Keaton, “The It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” star says he was drawn to the story’s theme.

“It’s very, very positive. Hopeful. Almost a ‘never give up’ kind of thing,” he says of his adaptation of the 1941 animated film.

“In life, you see all the different things that infiltrate the good things in life,” he explains. “Things that surprise you come out of nowhere. Like when you think you’re making a move with someone who maybe is duplicitous. In terms of a younger person, or an older person, by now you guys must have learned this already, I hope, but the idea is that you can’t always believe what somebody tells you.”

“Sometimes it messes up all your hopes and dreams, but if you all stick together possibly you could get out of it and there’ll be a happy ending,” he says, adding, “And dreams do come true.”

“Dumbo” arrives in theatres March 29.

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