First Houseguest Is Evicted From ‘Big Brother Canada’, Plus The ‘Secret Asset’ Is Voted In

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“Big Brother Canada” is back and is going all James Bond for its 7th season — or perhaps that should be “007th” season. The theme of the series is secrets and spies, and in tonight’s first eviction episode, the mission to secure the “BBCAN” crown came to an end for one unlucky agent while a covert operation got underway for another.

For 26-year-old Laura Roberts, the Judicial clerk from Calgary, Alberta, there was no chance of appeal when the gavel came down on her “Big Brother” game. Laura recognized that she could become an early target simply due to her look. With her buzz cut hairstyle and inked skin, she immediately draws attention, and that’s not what you want in those first few days when everyone is hoping to fade into the background.

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In tonight’s episode, Laura finds herself on the block next to Damien Ketlo, the 28-year-old Goalie coach. Initially, all eyes seem to be on Damien, who fails to use his night one intel to ingratiate himself to Head of Household Adam Pike and the already nauseating “Pretty Boys” alliance. Weirdly, Damien’s biggest crime seems to be not being a “BBCAN” superfan. It’s thin reasoning, but anything can make someone a target at this early stage of the game.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Luckily for Damien, Laura commits a bigger faux pas, first by taking 24-hours to chat with the HOH and then by unwittingly throwing the target on one of Adam’s closest allies, Samantha Picco. With no Power of Veto competition to save her, Laura’s only option is to backtrack by approaching Adam and Samantha and apologizing for what she describes as a “misread” of the situation.

Damien, meanwhile, returns to the secret room in hopes of snatching the special Blood Veto. Unfortunately, the “secret-room-within-a-secret-room” refuses to open like it did the night before. However, the British Columbia native does manage to grab a “top-secret document” before the rest of the houseguests stumble on the mystery area later in the day. It’s fun watching the players drive themselves crazy with paranoia over this seemingly empty and pointless secret room.

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When it comes to the vote, the houseguests appear to be weighing up “physical threat” versus “lack of trust.” There is talk of Damien potentially becoming a competition beast later down the road and whether that is more threatening than Laura’s untrustworthiness. It’s kind of hard to gauge what everyone is thinking at this point of the game when we have so little to go on. All we know for sure is that the 11-0 vote against Laura tells us that nobody is willing to go off-grid just yet.

In her eviction speech, Laura demands that her fellow houseguests “put respect on her name” and warns them that Adam and Samantha will take each other to the end. Her words don’t do anything to save her, but I’m sure they didn’t fall on deaf ears either. Adam has made it abundantly clear to the whole house how tight he is with Samantha in his reasoning for targeting Laura.

Photo: Global
Photo: Global

Before the night is over, host Arisa Cox reveals to the houseguests the season’s first big blindside. A Canada viewer vote sees elementary school teacher Cory Kennedy beat out armoured car guard Holly Noseworthy to enter BBCAN HQ.

Unbenknownst to the houseguests, Cory has a secret mission to make three Final 2 deals in 24-hours. If she succeeds, she receives immunity for the week; if she fails, she is instantly evicted. As always, the original houseguests welcome the newbie with open arms, but no doubt their minds are already in overdrive plotting her downfall.

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It might have been a somewhat predictable eviction to kick-off the series, but with secret rooms, clandestine missions, and fourteen cunning operatives, this promises to be a highly entertaining edition of “BBCAN”.

For fans looking for an extra dose of “Big Brother Canada” this season, “BBCAN” legend Ika Wong joins the ET Canada team as our special correspondent, bringing viewers unprecedented access every Thursday night, all season long.

“Big Brother Canada” airs Wednesdays at 7 p.m. ET/PT, Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT and Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Global.


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