Comedians Key and Peele are headed to the big screen in the action comedy “Keanu”. Now don’t be confused, it’s not about Keanu Reeves, but rather an adorable feline named Keanu.

When ET Canada’s Natasha Gargiulo sat down with stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele in Los Angeles this weekend they revealed the confusion may actually help the box office.

“When we realized that there was also a Keanu Reeves, we were like ‘Alright well let’s not, not call it Keanu,'” jokes Peele.

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Little did they know ET Canada went straight to the source, Mr. Keanu Reeves to see how the action star felt about the film.

“I have friends like showing me pictures, and they’re like ‘Look at the cat and there’s you’… That’s pretty wacky! I was like ‘Fellows don’t you want to change the name?'” Reeves tells us.

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Here’s Key and Peele’s reaction to the clip.

Watch Reeves talk “John Wick 2″ and “Keanu”; below.