Stars have spoken out to mark International Women’s Day by explaining what they think a world without sexism would look like.

Kate Upton, Melinda Gates, and Sydney Sweeney were among those to talk to Glamour about female empowerment.

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Upton, who is the founder of Strong4Me Fitness, told the mag: “A world without sexism would be a world where hard work, merit, and qualifications are put before gender.

“True partnerships would be present rather than the constrictions of traditional roles. Instead of being put in a box, everyone is on an even playing field and therefore benefits. This is the world in which I want my daughter to thrive.”

Gates, co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and author of The Moment of Lift, continued, “A world without sexism would be a world with fewer barriers between girls and the women they dream of becoming. We’d see women leading and shaping all aspects of society—fully empowered as decision-makers in their families, their communities, their governments, and their workplaces.”

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“The Handmaid’s Tale” actress Sweeney shared, “Wow, that is a dream world. One, I think that we’d be supporting each other even more. Guys and girls, we would all be one, which would be amazing. It just sounds like a dream. I wish it was real.”