Fans will soon be returning to Aldovia!

A source tells ET that “A Christmas Prince 3” will make its way to Netflix this holiday season. The movie is set to film in Romania, at the same castle where parts of the previous two films were shot.

Rumors of a third flick initially swirled in Romanian publications when fans noticed that Peles Castle was decorated for Christmas in the middle of March. Photos of the stunning, festive decorations were posted online and filming at that location is reportedly set for Monday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 12, days when the castle is typically closed to visitors. The film will reportedly shoot scenes on the the castle’s terrace.

Ben Lamb and Rose McIver are set to reprise their roles as Prince Richard and Amber.

Earlier this month, Theo Devaney, who plays the sometimes-villainous Simon, posted a pic getting his hair cut, writing, “Yassssss, Simon’s getting a haircut.. can’t wait to see your final look 😍🙈”

Late last month, McIver took to Instagram to share a shot of her at the airport with lots of bags and her passport in hand, appearing to be heading abroad.

Days after rumours started to swirl about the third movie, it was reaveled that the royal couple will be expecting a bundle of joy.

Fans can get ready to see Prince Richard and Amber welcome the heir to the throne “this holiday season.”

“A Christmas Prince” became an immediate hit for Netflix when it debuted in 2017, as fans were delighted with the story of a young journalist who falls for the king-to-be as she’s trying to get a scoop and he’s putting off his coronation. Netflix followed up the hit with “A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding” in November 2018, which showed the ups and downs of planning a such a lavish event.

While some criticized the romantic, slightly-cheesy flicks, others were delighted by them for the same reason. When ET caught up with Karen Schaler — the writer of the first film — she revealed that she was happy with all the comments, even the teasing ones.

“I love all the feedback. I love the ones like, ‘This is so bad it’s good and I have to watch it 20 more times.’ I was dying,” she admitted. “Even the people who thought it was corny and ridiculous seemed to enjoy it and watch it. People loved picking on the poor little Christmas Prince, but all I said was, ‘Thank you for watching and I appreciate it all. Keep the comments coming.’”

“A Christmas Prince 3” is set to debut on Netflix this holiday season.

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