Diane von Furstenberg revealed the truth behind those Richard Gere rumours during an appearance on Thursday’s “Watch What Happens Live”.

Von Furstenberg, 72, took part in a game of “DVF or WTF?” alongside guest Julianne Moore and host Andy Cohen.

The first fact in the game stated, “Back in the day, DVF had a brief love affair with Richard Gere.”

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Despite Cohen insisting the comment was true, Moore said: “I’m going to go with ‘What the f**k?'”

Von Furstenberg then cheekily replied, “Well, it was a f**k.”

Gere, 69, has since tied the knot with Alejandra Silva, 36.

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Statements that von Furstenberg denied included Harry Styles puking in the master bedroom of her mega yacht. She did admit to having herring in every fridge in her home and being able to swim for two hours straight, though.

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