Rappers T.I. And Uncle Murda Defend Michael Jackson Amidst ‘Leaving Neverland’ Allegations: ‘An Assault Against Our Culture’

There remains a sharp divide over the disturbing allegations in “Leaving Neverland”, with some seeing the detailed stories of accusers Wade Robson and James Safechuck as confirming long-held rumours that Michael Jackson was a pedophile, while others view the accusations as an assault on the character of a deceased African-American icon who’s not able to defend himself.

Rappers T.I. and Uncle Murda are among the latter, with each expressing their respective opinions of “Leaving Neverland” on social media.

In an Instagram post, T.I. shared video of a 1999 interview Piers Morgan conducted with the late King of Pop, in which Jackson insists he would “slit my wrists” if he ever hurt a child.

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“Let this man speak for himself to defend his legacy,” T.I. writes in the caption. “Don’t just listen to one side and expect to find truth. Oh that’s right… Dead men can’t speak. So what was the point again? Destroy another strong black historical LEGEND?!?! It’s several examples of pedophilia in American History… if y’all pulling up all our old shit… we gotta examine ELVIS PRESLEY, HUGH HEPHNER, and a whole slew of others guilty of the same if not more!!! BUT WHY US all the time? There’s an agenda to destroy OUR CULTURE.”

Uncle Murda also took to Instagram to offer his opinion, sharing photos of Elvis and Priscilla Presley (who was just 14 when she began dating her future husband) and Woody Allen holding future wife Soon-Yi Previn on his lap when she was just 8.

“Where are these sick mother f**kers documentary’s [sic] at @oprah why you not on top of these stories,” he wrote, taking aim at Oprah Winfrey for interviewing the accusers in the “After Neverland” special that aired following the documentary.

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“We need y’all put this s**t on blast every week until a documentary get made and f**k they legacy up as well,” he added, making the case that Presley’s and Allen’s relationships with their future wives are deserved of being put under the microscope.

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