Nicki Minaj Responds As Her Concert Is Cancelled And Angry Fans Chant ‘Cardi B’

After fans in France were left waiting for hours for Nicki Minaj to perform with Juice Wrld, it ended in disappointment when it was announced that the concert would be cancelled due to “technical difficulties”.

Angry fans started to throw bottles at the stage and chant “Cardi B” as they left the stadium.

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Concert promoters issued a statement saying that “despite all our efforts, we regret to announce that tonight’s show is being cancelled.”

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It adds the “Nicki Minaj and Juice Wrld were in the venue on standby and were ready to perform.”

This is the second time a concert during this tour has been cancelled.

Another clip taken shows Nicki at the fair in Bordeaux with her boyfriend, but the timeline between them arriving at the fair and the cancelled show is unclear.

A fan on Twitter wrote that “Yes, even the staff of the concert hall confirmed to me that she had never set foot in the room.”

Other videos show the “Bang Bang” singer taking photos and videos with her fans.

Nicki then turned to Twitter to address the rumours that she wasn’t at the venue asking “Why would an artist cancel a show & lose money?”

In a post on Instagram by the “Good Form” rapper, she explains that it would “not be in my best interest” to cancel and that “I love performing for the fans.”

She claims that there was “not the power in the building to facilitate the show”, but they were only told three hours before.

Fans can have their tickets refunded from the point of purchase.

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