Watch ‘Captain Marvel’ Audiences Get The Ultimate Surprise From Brie Larson

When moviegoers went to check out the newest Marvel movie “Captain Marvel”, none of them could guess what would happen next.

Marvel shared a clip of Brie Larson, who plays the title character, arriving at a theatre dressed in a “Captain Marvel” themed sweatsuit while sipping on a giant cup featuring her own face.

It didn’t take the crowd too long to recognize the star as she entered the theatre, breaking out into deafening cheers.

“I heard that I was on the cups and popcorn, and wanted to see for myself,” she jokes.

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“Thank you so much for coming. You guys are so awesome for coming on opening weekend,” Larson adds.

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“Captain Marvel” is the seventh-biggest opening for Disney’s Marvel Cinematic Universe, bringing in $61.4 million on opening night.

Opening weekend, the film came in with a massive $153 million domestic opening, surpassing the estimated $125 million that the studio projected.






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